Thursday, April 7, 2011

Totally Random Thursdays – Malcolm X; A Life of Reinvention

"Some call it idle chatter but i refer to it as totally random.........."

Its been one hell of a week!

This week I think I have spent more hours in meetings and workshops than actually doing work and getting stuff done. 
Its been so crazy that on a few evenings I found myself in front of my laptop (usually at 3am in the morning) playing catch up with my inbox. Thankfully with all of these developments taking place I am still able to sneak in at least 1 or 2 hours of reading, the fruits of which are evident on the blog (two reviews written, 1 posted, one being compiled and another one that's forming in my head). I feel so proud to finally have some balance!!

This week's edition of Totally Random Thursdays (TRT) will be highlighting a newly released biography that caught my attention while browsing my inbox. It has already gone onto my wish list and maybe it might make its way into your reading list too.

Title: Malcolm X- A Life of Reinvention.
Genre: Biographies
Pages: 608
Publishers: Viking Adult (April 4th, 2011)

I got wind of this book via's newsletter. Immediately I thought to myself, "...another biography on Malcolm X!!!???" For a man who empowered hundreds of thousands of African Americans to create better lives and stronger communities, surely a lot has been written about him. However there were two things that forced me to find out more about this book. Firstly it is billed as the definitive biography of Malcolm X. The author spent countless hours mulling over letters, journals and FBI records (to name a few ) to come up with eye opening theories about Malcolm X, his life and his premature death. Such facts can confirm (or deny) the suspicions that many people have about his death. Secondly, the author Manning Marable, after spending years compiling the book has an untimely death. While the author was familiar with the published material, he would never get a chance to debate on some of the theories that he developed in his book.  Like artist, authors etc, death (especially the sudden or premature types ) tends to catapult their work to exaltedness and sooner or later everyone wants to share in the experience. At this point it is to early to tell how the book will be received yet my curiosity is peaked. I am definitely interested in reading Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.

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Cozy in Texas said...

I'd be falling asleep over the pages.

Kristen said...

Interesting. I wonder what, if anything, this book adds to the already much examine story of Malcolm X.

Lesley said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. I'm sure that this new spin on the story will make it interesting.

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