Monday, November 15, 2010


Great news everyone,

I have gone into an arrangement to have my reviews reprinted in a local newspaper. The reviews, which may consist of old or new content from my blog will be printed in the Trinidad Guardian every other week.  So far the reviews that were printed were Folly by Marthe Jocelyn and Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tusa.  I have taken the liberty to enclose the link  to the latter so that you can check it out while  a button to the newspaper will also be added to my blog.

The story of this arrangement is quite brief but exciting. I have always been looking for ways to expose more people to the books that I read. In September, the newspaper began producing a pull out section that included a book club.  So I decided to make contact with the Content Editor and see if they would be interested in a few of my reviews.

When I did make contact with her, sometime in October, she responded immediately by asking me to give her a call. Once I did that she asked if I wanted to get involved on a regular basis, providing book reviews for the paper. How could I resist! For one it would be added exposure for the author whose book I am reviewing. Additionally, many people are not aware of the uses of social media and they are even more in the dark about book blogging.

If that wasn’t good enough, having my reviews printed is forcing me to spruce up my writing skills. I have had to change my informal writing style (which is what I use all the time on the blog) to one that is more formal and standard for a newspaper.  That means I have to be extra vigilant these days. I have to make sure that all my i’s are capital, watch my grammatical errors and sentence construction and more importantly watch my spelling. There is nothing more humiliating than reading a misspelled word in something that you have written and will quite likely be read by millions of others.

The benefits are endless. I am definitely looking forward to this new arrangement and hope you guys check out the newspaper online to see which reviews are printed.

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jewelknits said...

Flippin' AWEsome! Woot! WTG, girlfriend!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

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