Friday, November 19, 2010

Rest Day

Hi Folks,

I have a few minutes to kill before my boss gets to work and i thought I'd use it to issue a gentle (real gentle) reminder. For all of the new readers who now subscribe to Bookventures Book Blog, Fridays are designated a day of rest for me. So you are least likely to see any posts going up, unless its really urgent or I'm trying to make up for lost time during the week. My blogging schedule resumes on Saturday and I'm currently preparing a review for Emily Green and me by Kathryn White. I hope you guys stay tuned for that. Also tomorrow i will be announcing the winners for the Follow Me and Off Season giveaways. We had a lot of entrants and so I'm super excited to choose two winners for each book. I'll do this formality tonight and then post the winners in the morning.

On Sunday (my new favorite day of the week) readers can look forward to my Book Watching post. There, i post book trailers for newly released or upcoming books. Without spoiling what's in store, i urge you to tune in on Sunday to check out those videos.

(Oh, i think i just heard the boss) Have a great weekend everyone. See you tomorrow.

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