Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Oh Happy Day"

Hey Everyone,

Its Sunday and for those of you who follow me regularly, you know that i post my favorite meme Book Watching today. However i have not been able to source any good book trailers so I've decided to  change it up a little today. Book Watching will resume next week (I promise ).

Weekend before last, i moved with my mom to a new home. We're basically in the same electoral district which is San Juan (not to be confused with San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago) but we just moved to another part of San Juan. Admittedly i wasn't really happy about moving.  Packing up your entire life seems like a lot both emotionally and physically and i wasn't sure that i was prepared to do it. Also its my first big move and somehow i had always imagined that it would be me, alone, moving into my own place ( am 24 for goodness sake.!!) I think that's why i dragged my feet on packing up my room. It got so bad that i didn't really start packing until the night before we moved. Needless to say, mom was a bit upset that while she was loading up the car, i was still sorting my things out into boxes.

For those of you who have gone through the process of moving, i know you'll agree with me when i say that moving is the most frustrating, tedious, tiring, frustrating, cumbersome, frustrating thing ever!!!!! Our first challenge was in finding movers to transport the heavy furniture to the new house. Originally, my uncle (who has the more appropriate vehicle) said that he would help. However the night before he called and cancelled because he had to work that day. That kind of left us in limbo. We probably didn't find  someone else until midday on the day that we we're moving. On top of that, i was still packing my stuff (who knew i could amass so much paper in 24 years) and was holding up the entire process. Then the driver of the vehicle decide that he wanted to run a few errands of his own so while he was transporting our stuff, he was also driving around on his personal business ( Its a good thing he's a family friend). And if that wasn't bad enough, a few of the fragile stuff broke in all the mayhem.

So its been a week since we've been here and all my concerns have abated.  The house is nice (though it could use a few upgrades but i figure in time, mum will get to that) and the new area that we're in is pretty nice as well. I dont have the view that i'm used to but i do have some great bay- like windows where i spend most of the time day dreaming. In the first week, we've rearranged the furniture twice already and i suspect, as time goes by and we get more acquainted with the new space another rearrangement will be in order. Additionally, getting public transport here is WAYYYYY more easier than back at the old place and that's a huge plus in my book. But more importantly, i am comfortable and happy.

Since this post has already gotten too long, i'll leave my musing about the neighbors for another time. In the meantime, i'm working on getting my reading back to regular levels so that you guys, my devoted readers will have fresh content to look at.

Before i go though i have to make special mention of a few of my book blogger friends who, after noticing that i have been absent around the blogosphere, decided to check up on me. Often, i ask myself, what is the purpose of spending hours going around to different book blogs, reading their posts and leaving comments. After all, some bloggers (including me sometimes) dont even return the compliment. But after last week, i figure that we do it so that we can meet new people and make a connection. Last week i realized that i have made three really good connections and i am very; no extremely, happy about that.

To Cmash @Cmash Loves to Read, i really really appreciated the SOS. Though we have never met, i feel blessed to call you a friend. To Julie @Knitting and Sundries, you always put a smile on my face when you send me an email or when you comment on my post. And i love that : ) To Diane @ Bibliophile by the Sea, thank you soo much for your warm and kind words. I cannot wait to show you and everyone else the picts of my new home. [Now if only i could find that camera! : (  ]

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and Happy Labor Day : )


CMash said...

You were missed...and as a mom, I worry. Especially with all those hurricaines churning in the Caribbean. lol hope you get to the box holding your camera first so we get to see the new house!!
Welcome back to our world!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

After living 14 years in the same house, we moved to the present one in April 2008. We had accumulated so much stuff not to forget books. It wasn't easy. To top it, I had problem settling down. Not my mom though.

I had to get a transfer too for a school nearby. So it was a massive change for me. Now I am ok with it!


Alyce said...

Moving is so exhausting! I'm glad you were able to finally work everything out for your move.

jewelknits said...

Welcome back, hun! I too, HATE moving!! I too, am a totally last-minute packer-upper! BUT I'm glad you're settled in! Here's an idea for those lovely bay windows ... get some extra big cushions and set them up like a window seat. Make that your "book corner". One of my favorite memories (of both myself AND my two older daughters) was sitting in the window seat with a good book. Even on cold days, the sun shining in the window with a lovely adventure in my hands made me warm!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

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