Thursday, September 2, 2010

I moved!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am sure that aside from my posts, you'd realise that i have been AWOL around the blogoshpere. Last weekend i moved to a new location and i havent been able to get back my internet connection just yet. The posts that you have seen going up over the past few days were scheduled posts so that my readers would have new content to devour. I honestly thought that i would have internet within a few days but when I spoke to my telephone and internet service provider they said that its going to take AWHILE!!!  for me to get back my internet connection  : (  So for now i have to resort to using internet cafes in my new location in order to update the blog. For those of you who sent me emails wondering if i am ok, yes i am ok and i cannot wait to tell you all about the new house we're living in. I am terribly sorry for being  so absent but i promise to come here to this cafe to check my email and make posts as often as i can.

Since i am still getting adjusted to my new locale, my reading has slowed down significantly. I'm hoping that i can get back to normal reading levels soon since i still have a few more books to cover in my reading pile. In the meantime, i think its only fair to my publishing contacts that i not take any new books for review until December. The books that i have currently in my to read pile as well as the books that were requested and are currently in transit will be read and posted as soon as i read and review them.

I hope i haven't missed too much but i do miss making my rounds to my various blog stops. I hope everything is well with everyone. I'll try to be online again over the weekend.

P.S my shipping address has not changed so fear not, i can still receive all of the great books that i usually do : )

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Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Hope you love your new place and will be waiting for you to return!

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