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Presumed Innocent – Read-a-long (Chapters 11-20) synopsis

As you all know, I have been hosting the Presumed Innocent read-a-long this month with Julie @Knitting and Sundries. We began with chapters 1-10 and had our first discussion on July 16th. You can read the outcome of our discussion here.  However Julie has not been with us due to other obligations. I miss her dearly but I have decided to continue the read-a-long. Last week I tackled chapters 11-20 and you can read my synopsis of these chapters below.

Chapter 11-20 is really where the action begins in the book. Rusty is framed for the murder of Carolyn and his affair with her is used as the basis of that charge. There’s a lot of action in these 10 chapters so let’s get right into it.

1.    Rusty is finally charged with Carolyn’s murder and it’s done in such an underhanded way that it’s almost appalling. Tommy Molto re-emerges after weeks of being MIA and he is colluded with Della Guardia. This scene is the beginning of the strained relationship that we see being acted out between Molto and Rusty in Innocent.

2.    In these chapters, we get a sense of how obsessed Rusty is with Carolyn, their brief relationship and its eventual end. For those of us who have read Innocent, you’ll note that obsession is one of Rusty short comings. Also Carolyn is portrayed as a go getter here; doing anything in her power to get to where she needs to be. At the center of that is the race for PA and Assistant PA (the latter Carolyn eyed as her next career move). She’s really painted in a negative light but I guess it goes towards building her character.

3.    Evidence of a mysterious B case and Carolyn’s involvement surfaces. If solved, it can lead to a lot of indictments and can even lead to solving her murder. This adds another level to the drama that’s already taking place in the story.

4.    Scott Turow is beginning to peel away at the onion that is Rusty Sabiach. In these chapters we can see that he’s a slave to democracy and rules or anything that establishes order. In fact I sometimes think that his one attempt (thus far) to stray away from those things; having the affair, was in a sense liberating for him. In Barbara’s eyes, rusty refuses to stand up for himself because he’s afraid to. I am beginning to think that only a therapist can figure rusty out.  Yet he is a great example of the Turow's knack for creating exceptional characters. They are far from being one dimensional.

5.    I wonder, since the court scenes are featured so heavily in the book, if Turow is trying to tell us something about the inabilities or the short comings of the court system?

6.    This chapter serves as the first (of many) climaxes in the book. Chapter 19 is to die for.

So what do you guys think so far? Pretty intriguing thus far right! And it’s still so early in the book. I can only imagine the level of excitement in the other chapters.

This week I’m reading chapters 21-30. I am still open to fellow readers for the read-a-long.  If you can find your copy of Presumed Innocent, then join me in the read-a-long and share your thoughts on the chapters that we read.

I’ll post my synopsis for chapters 21-30 next Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy the next few chapters and Happy Reading  :)

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mike draper said...

What an interesting idea, the Presumed Innocent read along. Nice going.

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