Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Post Card Killers GIVEAWAY

Hey folks,

I have another great giveaway for you.

Thanks to Anna and the folks over at Hachette Audio Books, i have three (3) copies of The Post Card Killers by James Patterson and Liza Marklund to give to my readers.

Check out the book trailer for The Post Card Killers and two interviews with James Patterson and Liza Marklund

Have i peaked your interest yet?! Ok here's what you have to do to enter;

Comment on the interview with James Patterson (second video) and the interview with both James Patterson and Liza Marklund (third video).  Be sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win. If you do not include your email address, then your entry will be considered void.

The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. No PO Boxes. Contest will close on September 16th and the winner as selected by Random.org will be announced on September 18th.

Disclaimer from Hachette Audio Books. "Winners will be subject to the one copy per household rule, which means that if they win the same title in two or more contests, they will receive only one copy of the title (or one set in the case of grouped giveaways) in the mail".
Good luck everyone. Thanks for participating and have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I loved watching all three videos, thanks :)
With the first video, I wonder why it is hard to find journalist here in America for book release, unlike what they found in Europe where there were journalist for 3 straight days where they saw 42 journalist.

As for the second video, I enjoyed meeting James Patterson's co-writer, Liza Marklund. They seemed to work well together, and I agree that it must have been just like a marriage where you need to show mutual respect and listen. I'm glad they were able to make it work as The Post Card Killers seems like it's a great story.

aliciaeflores1 @ yahoo.com

Sandee61 said...

I'm a huge fan of James Patterson and enjoyed the videos. Thank you!
Please enter me in your contest for "The Postcard Killers".



Anonymous said...

I LOVE James Patterson!!

So he says he's been most everywhere, but only mentions European countries. Thought that was funny since it is only 1 continant, and small by comparison!

Also, I don't get why it is hard to find a journalist in America. Do you think it is because we have a lot more publishing writers than in Sweden?

I can't believe James compared his partnership with Lisa to marriage! LOL!!

Can't wait to read this book. Hope I win!!

Thanks for the opportunity!

soapboxinmymind at yahoo dot com

pmernick said...

Patterson mentions that the book is a "travelogue" and talks about different American and European cities/countries. That is appealing to me as a reader. Also, the book debuts first in Europe (from second video).

Thansk for the giveaway!
PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

Brenda said...

Please enter me! It's fun to be able to put a face with an author, I know the pictures are on their books but not the same as seeing them talk and getting an idea of their character. Funny he compared their co-writing the book to a marriage at first until I thought about it, it would have to be like a good marriage. One that breaks up being friends in the end though!

dancealert at aol dot com

Benita said...

I love the idea that Patterson is collaborating with a Swedish author. I say the more collaboration in all fields, the better the product.


karenk said...

i enjoyed watching all of the videos...thank you sharing.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Nise' said...

1)Keep writing those books James, I'll keep reading them. A question I would ask is why co-authors books?

2) Will have to check out Liza's books.

Thanks for the giveaway.


Linda Kish said...

James Patterson had never written a book with a European best selling author before. It sounds like a good collaboration.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Linda Kish said...

They each wrote in their own countries primarily. It's great that Hollywood is already interested in it, too.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

PoCoKat said...

After watching both videos I find it interesting that he chooses to partner with others and it does sound like a good partnership.

littleone AT shaw DOT ca

Holly said...

I have always wanted to know how authors collaborate with one another. James Patterson works with so many other authors! It was nice to find out more about their process.

Holly said...

My email address is holly.kay.lee(at)gmail.com

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