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Lumby on the Air: A review

Juliet, a good friend of mine came to my assistance when I noticed that my tbr pile was getting out of control. She decided that she would review Lumby on the Air for me. Here are her thoughts and experiences while reading.

Disclaimer:  A copy of this book was provided by FSB Associates for review. The views expressed here are honest and are in no way influenced by the author or the publishers.

Synopsis via Amazon.com

Pam and Mark Walker are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a week-long family reunion and a ceremony renewing their vows. But when Mark's brother-in-law starts broadcasting his radio talk show from Montis Inn, his disparaging remarks about small-town life cause immediate rifts that only widen when he sides with a real estate developer who wants to turn Lumby into an asphalt Aspen. As the controversy pits family against family, and neighbor against neighbor, will the spirit that defines Lumby triumph once again?

Juliet’s Review

Lumby on the Air is the fifth book in the Lumby series which includes The Promise of Lumby, Stealing Lumby, The Lumby Lines and Lumby’s Bounty. I have not gotten a chance to read the others but I hope to sometime soon. I think it’s worth mentioning though that Lumby on the Air is by no means the final book. Readers will have a chance to collect the previous copies in the Lumby Series and add to the collection as more books become available.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone whose looking for a great summer read. I have already sent out the SOS to most of my friends and they are ordering their copies as we speak. There were so many themes in the story particularly the importance of Family and Family Life. Coming from a close knit family and by extension community I really empathized with the story and I think that Lumby on the Air was a great fit for me.

I felt all sorts of emotions while reading this novel, but none of them included sad.  If anything, I felt more lite and upbeat because of the amount of humor in the book.  The stories and the characters made me laugh a lot.

What stood out to me was the way in which the author made everyone’s story come together.  At first reading through all the characters and their different themes I was unsure as to where the author was going with all of it, especially the part about the extinct berries.  However, the way the author brought all the situations together was very creative and was an indication of brilliant writing.  By this I was able to infer that the author was very experienced in her word selection and I loved that about her writing style.  Further, if one didn’t know better one would think Lumby to be a real rather than fictitious town, so artfully described the place was.  The town was even equipped with its own map.  The author's art for description, especially of the town and its residence was exceptional.  Fraser appears to be well informed, especially about the latest technology and it showed in her writing.

I connected to all the characters in the book. They were like the ingredients to a great recipe; everyone had their own individual, unique flavor about them that when placed together contributed to a wonderful story. More importantly I was able to relate to them as well. I absolutely loved Old Jesse the cow and Coco the pedigree cat.  Their relationship was interesting, strange and funny.  I'm an animal lover and their relationship added a twist to the story like no other book I’ve ever read.  I also love the way the author described Jesse's protective nature over Coco.  Hilarious!

I did not particularly like Jessica, Mark's niece.  I saw her to be whinny and spoilt and I didn’t appreciate that. I did understand however her reasons behind her behaviour, but I didn’t like the way she went about expressing her feelings. The same goes for Carter. His attitude was a little too bold for my taste however, he made up for that at the end of the book.

There is nothing I would change about this book, it was tastefully done, well written and the author was well informed. What more can a person want?


bermudaonion said...

This book sounds so good! Ask Juliet if she'd like to come look through my TBR pile!

Alyce said...

The Lumby books sound vaguely familiar (like I've seen them somewhere before). It looks like it would be similar to the Mitford books in feel.

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