Friday, July 9, 2010

Stand – A Review

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the author for review. The views expressed here are in no way influenced by the author.


One courageous woman shatters the chains of abuse that bound her family for generations and dares to brave the crippling memories of sexual abuse; shatter the illusions of denial; reveal her family s bitter legacy of violence; reach for healing and wholeness, and take her place on a path to forgiveness and peace. Replacing shame with hope, fear with truth, and shadows with light, Debbie Williamson shares her arduous journey to wellness. She did not choose this journey. At nine years old, she was a victim of sexual abuse. The hidden trauma of childhood rape often maps a life filled with destructive patterns and shame. Such was almost the case for Ms. Williamson. As a young woman struggling to repair her family, she finds the courage to take a STAND. Grasping for health because her life truly depends upon it, she uncovers and shatters her family s tragic tradition of violence. With focus and conviction, Debbie Williamson overcomes a lifetime of denial to heal herself and protect the next generation.

My Review

For some reason, I had some difficulty putting this review together. Maybe it’s because this story has no characters that you can like or dislike or a plot that you can pick apart. You’re peeking into someone’s life and this someone just happen to have been a victim of sexual abuse. Debbie Williamson’s story is heart wrenching but yet carries a power message; you have to take a stand against abuse in order to break the cycle reclaim your life.

Debbie narrates the story as she takes you through the generation of abuse that engulfed the women and men in her family.  Saying that his book is emotionally charged is an understatement. The author really makes you feel the anger, confusion, sadness and relief in the same waves that she experienced them and it’s unclear as to whether it’s the writing that helps you to feel this way or the fact that you can empathize with Debbie and what she went through. Another compelling force in the book are the photos of Debbie’s family. They really help to bring the story close to home for the readers simply because there are times when reading this book, you think to yourself  “I can’t believe that this actually happened”. Additionally, the title of the book is also quite fitting since Debbie’s story is also a clear testimony to the notion that abuse in whatever form is cyclic and you can either sit by and have the cycle repeat itself or you can take a stand.

 Aside from the obvious theme I also found spirituality being significant throughout the book. Debbie constantly makes reference to diary entries where she talks to God. She also credits her spiritual breakthrough and messages from the ‘other side’ for helping her get through her most difficult times.

Though much of the book is heavy and raw, there is a silver lining and Debbie gets her happily ever after. The book serves as an inspiration for women who are currently in abusive relationships, giving them hope that they too can make it out and rebuild their lives.  I am definitely going to pass this on to my girlfriends.

N.B Debbie Williamson is currently chatting with us over at the book club. Feel free to stop by and leave her a comment about the book. Here's the link No need to join the book club to access the chat. Just log in with your yahoo, gmail, facebook or  twitter accounts.

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Diane said...

This sounds like a tough book to read. When I first saw the title, I was thinking Stephen King...LOL

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