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Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership - A review

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by The Cadence Group for review. The views expressed here are honest and are in no way influenced by the author or the publisher.

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Be Bodacious: Put Life in Your Leadership is a different type of leadership guide, for a different type of leader. Illustrated by humorous and motivational stories, Steven teaches three characteristics of a "bodacious leader:" an extraordinary commitment to a dream, unrestrained passion to pursue a dream and bold action to realize a dream.

Presented in an engaging story format, Be Bodacious follows a young man who discovers the secrets of effective leadership through a mentor named "Cowboy," a character who embodies the many leaders that have influenced Steven in his career and personal life. Though their conversations, Cowboy's secrets to "bodacious leadership" are revealed, teaching readers how to become a better role model at home, in the community and at the office.

Corporate audiences have heard Steven's message on "bodacious leadership," and have walked away with the tools to revitalize their business. Now, after decades of working alongside great leaders on the ranch and in corporate America, Wood is ready to pass on his experiences, in a book that will bring out your own bodacious leader - both in and out of the office.

My Review

Be Bodacious is an anecdotal take on developing leadership qualities in one’s life. The author chooses an unconventional style to relay his messages, by telling them though his own personal experiences. I think that this approach is great rather than standard self help books that always seems to be preaching to you. In this sense, Steven is tapping into the notion that people learn from watching others and so he is allowing his readers to learn these leadership qualities by reading about his own experiences.

Steven Woods tells the story about a young man called Josh who learns the secrets to being bodacious from Cowboy his boss. Cowboy passes on his diary to Josh so that he can read the principles with the promise that in the end, josh would live the principles and pass on his knowledge to another worthy candidate.

Admittedly, the book is good simple because it doesn’t try to overwhelm you with the information. The advice is basic and very comprehensible. However being so basic, none of the advice given seemed to be really new to me. They were things that I already know or have heard other self help books confess. I was looking for that AH HA moment; you know that stage that you get to when you read a piece of advice and it just totally makes sense. Sadly I did not get that from this book and the advice just seemed to reinforce some principles that I already know about.

I think that this book will make a great gift for young professionals who are just starting out as managers in their respective fields. It will be a great source of confidence and courage for them as well as providing them with tips on being a good leader.

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C.J. Good, author said...

I am always looking for good books on the subject of leadership. I liked this book because it covered all the basics without getting into too much unnecessary detail. Thanks for writing your review. It was very interesting

~~Life is an infinite series of letting go, so I prepare for whatever life gives me. In crucial moments, I call upon a wisdom greater than myself to show me if the decision I am about to make is in my best interests. It is revealed to me, if there is a better approach to consider. Help me to be graceful and gentle with myself. Help me arrange facts sufficiently, so that I can see what is right for me. ~~ C.J. Good, Author

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