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The Alexandria Letter: Review


Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by Phenix & Phenix Publishings for review. The views expressed here are honest and are in no way influenced by the publishers.


After Cambridge scholar Nathan Tobin discovers an ancient Aramaic letter, he finds thrown into an agonizing struggle powerful forces committed to discrediting him. The Alexandria letter discloses surprising revelations about the lives of Jesus and John the Baptist as well as shocking claims of duplicity by Paul of Tarsus, which threaten to turn long held principles of Christianity on their heels. But as he races to verify the authenticity of the letter, he faces rejection by his fellow scholars and sinister opposition from within the Church that aims to stop him at any cost. The Alexandria letter represents the most important work Nathan has ever done but it may also be his last.

My Review

I was really excited to read this book because it was on a subject matter that, as a history major, I have encountered from time to time in my studies but more so because I was really eager to see how the author would have added an element of fiction to the whole story. After reading a few chapters of the story however, I found my self being really disappointed.

Firstly, let me start off by saying that the concept of the book was really intriguing and I think that would work in the author’s favor. The ideas about Jesus raised in the book were really thought provoking. The book utilizes the method of telling a story both in the past and the present time with the intention to have both stories come together and make the overall story coherent. One part of the book details the ancient letter written by a man who traveled with Jesus and John the Baptist as one of their disciples. The other part details a young scholar and his attempt to make a discovery that could catapult his academic career. These two parts of the story fail to connect with each other and you felt as though you were reading two books rather than one.

The writing style of the author was also a soar point for me. It was a bit too mechanical and failed to help me connect with any of the characters or the situations that they were in. Ultimately i felt cheated out for the suspense and the romance that the author incorporated in the story.

I honestly do not think that the story was really bad. However I think that the way in which the story was executed is what needs some work. To the credit of the author, I did enjoy the details of the ancient letter and i was compelled to do research on the authenticity of  it. I know that history geeks like myself and readers who enjoy thought provoking pieces would give this book a try.

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Cozy in Texas said...

This sounds like a great story - it's a shame it wasn't an enjoyable read.
Cozy In Texas

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