Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our chat with Ann Putnam & Giveaway

Hi everyone,

As you know, last week i reviewed Full Moon at Noontide by Ann Putnam and i have one copy of her book for a giveaway.

Thus far we have a great conversation going on with Ann. Her memoir about cherishing the moments with your loved ones and dealing with their eventual loss has encouraged many of the participants to disclose their own personal stories about losing loved ones. Having lost her mother, father, uncle and husband in such close succession, that experience has strengthened Ann and now she's passing on her message to others. It feels kind of silly now to be offering a book prize at the author chat since i realise that the chat is doing so much more for the participants. Yet i know that the book will be a great resource to anyone who reads it.

Its not to late to join the conversation with Ann. The giveaway is tied in to the author chat so to enter you have to be an active participant (ie, two or more post in the forum). There is no need to join the book club to access the author chat. Simply follow the link that i have posted below and sign in using your yahoo, twitter, gmail or facebook account. The giveaway ends on June 25th and the winner will be selected on June 26th.

I hope you guys enjoy the experience.




1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

This sounds like it would be a very interesting memoir. I am the aunt of twins and things like this catch my eye.

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