Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nursing a Grudge: A Review

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by Barbour Publishing with the assistance of Net Galley, for review.  The views expressed here are honest and are in no way influenced by the publisher.

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What's a grouchy old man to do when two attractive women drag him from his assisted-living apartment to join a clandestine chili party? He almost has fun--until someone ends up dead. Now Earl Walker seems to be the only person suspicious of the way the party goer met his demise. Can he solve the puzzle--and figure out his relationship with his new lady friend--before the home is closed down by state inspectors and all the suspects move away?

My Review

Nursing a Grudge is a light murder mystery that in some ways pay homage to the likes of some of our favorite elderly detectives like Matlock and Murder She Wrote.  It has all the right ingredients; a solid cast of characters, an unlikely setting and a great plot. However somewhere along the lines, the story lost me.

I expected more intrigue from the story but instead I found that some of the clues were too obvious to the reader and were unfortunately not taken very serious by the main character Earl.  Also the story sometimes got a bit too slow for one that falls under the murder mystery category.  At one point  you feel like Earl is about to solve the murder and wrap up the case but soon after the rationale falls apart and Earl finds himself starting all over again. This happened at least three times throughout the entire story. 

In addition, I found that the characters were forgetting facts that were already revealed to the reader and how this might have played a vital role in solving the murder. Perhaps after a while I got pretty impatient with the story since the clues and rationales all seem to be going around in circles. I would never want to disrespect the author by not completing the book. I wanted to give the book the benefit of the doubt and at least complete it to see how the story would turn out. Thankfully, the big reveal was convincing enough and lent itself to a well thought out plot.

Though I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this story, I am hoping that you might find it entertaining. If you happen to read it, then let me know your thoughts on the story.

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