Thursday, May 27, 2010

Totally Random Thursdays

Hi Folks,

This TRT is a bit late, my apologies to all the readers, Its been a long day and i am now catching up on matters of the blog and book club. I'm also a bit tired so if for any reason i begin to ramble, blame it on my lack of sleep.

This week has seen a few exciting events. Members are beginning to trickle into the book club and i am really happy about that. Some have begun to utilize the space and already there have been a few introductions in the  'Introduce Yourself' forum. I am only just realizing the wide cross section of people who are joining the group. There are a few 'young' authors (whose books i would love to read, review and subsequently garner exposure for) and there are a lot of book bloggers. My next goal is to reach out to regular joe's who love to read as much as we all do. I know that they would have a great time with the book giveaways.

I am also preparing for Pump up your Books Blog Tour which will take place from June 1st. We have a few author chats scheduled and  book giveaways lined up so i hope that you guys check out the list of authors who will be participating  and participate in all the events.

The highlight of the week thus far would have to be contacting Joe Hill author of Horns for an interview. I hope he responds soon, am burning to ask him a few questions.

Being a book blogger (not to mention running a book club) is A LOT of work but our readers make it worth the while. Thanks to all of you who visit the blog, comment on my blog post or joined the book club. You guys are help to create my adventure.

Good Night : )

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