Thursday, May 20, 2010

Totally Random Thursdays - Bookventures turns 50!!!!!

Well, not exactly, but we just counted our 50th follower on Google Friend Connect. Luck #50 was Rebecca J. Vickery. For being #50, i am going to reward Rebecca with a nice little token of my appreciation. So Rebecca if your reading this right now, check your email by tonite for more details.

 I am soo happy!!!! Already its been three months since i formed Bookventures Book Club and started blogging and i feel really luck to have 50 followers. Its been a great ride and i hope that by the end of the year i'll have 150 more followers.

Our twitter profile is becoming really popular as well. Special thanks go out to Monique Burkes who started following us today.

 Don't forget guys that from June 1st we will be hosting Pump up your Books Blog Tour and its promising to be a great affair. We have scheduled author chats as well as book giveaways. I hope to see you all there.

 And the book club is back up and running so join us!!!!! Here's the link


Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi I'm Rebecca J. Vickery and I can't believe I'm the 50th member. Congrats on the milestone and hope you reach many more.

Monique said...

LOL! And I'm Monique.
Congrats Rebecca!


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