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Tell me Honey; 2000 Questions for Couples: A Review

Disclaimer: This book was given to me as an early reviewers copy, by the author through Library thing’s member’s giveaway. The views expressed are my honest opinions and were not influenced by the author.

Synopsis via

How well do you know your partner? Almost everyone has a side they never reveal. You can transcend boundaries and know the true inner self of your partner.

You’ll be able to know about your partner’s hopes, desires, ambitions, romantic inclinations, relationship skills, sexual needs, childhood, work and career priorities, fears, complexes, apprehensions, values, money priorities, family goals, talents & skills, addictions, beliefs & convictions, self image and a lot else that you would probably never have discovered with this path-breaking book.

You’ll find these questions useful irrespective of your current situation. If you’re single and looking, many of these questions can help you start and carry an interesting conversation with a potential partner. You’ll be able to know whether you share values, life goals and are on the same wavelength. You’ll begin to see how your partner approaches relationships.

If you’re already in a relationship and want to know your partner better, these questions can help you know more and more about your partner each day. You’ll be able to nurture your relationship and grow together. Even if you’ve been married for several years, you’re almost certain to discover new aspects to your spouse’s personality with these questions.

If you’re going to invest precious years of your life in a relationship, then this book will prove to be an invaluable tool in knowing whether you’re spending your time on a person who’s ‘right’ for you.
My Review

At first, when I saw the title, I thought to myself….”This should be interesting!” Outside of fiction I have done very little work reviewing non-fiction novels. Once I opened the book and I realized that it actually was a list of questions, I knew I had to take a more practical approach to reviewing it.

I decided to use this book along with my boyfriend as a way of  evaluating or re-evaluating our personality traits and our relationship. Some of the sections that we both enjoyed taking were the favourites, love, hobbies and friends. We turned one section in particular, favourites, into a game show. Guess who got all of the answers correct?

I thought that Vikram channels the skill of a couples therapist with the type of questions that he posses and it’s hard to believe that these questions were developed from his personal experience. It kind of makes you wonder what type of experiences he had in the first place. On the one hand, I think that the book is geared towards people who are just starting out in their relationships. Some of the questions that were present were some that you should really ask the man/woman you are dating.  Like for example, which television series do you love watching – even reruns of? On the other hand, it would seem weird to ask the person that you’re just starting a relationship with how frequently they checked their bank account or whether they are good at managing money. So I also believe that those types of questions, which were prominent in the book, are best answered by couples who have been in a relationship for more than a year. More importantly, anyone who’s in a relationship should read this book and ask their significant others these questions. You may just be surprised by the answers that you get.


WonderBunny said...

I haven't read this book and my first response is to roll my eyes. I think the questions about money should be asked prior to getting married/moving in together. You should have ideas about your other half's spending habits so that you know if the bills are going to be paid on time. Isn't money a major cause for divorce? I do think it is cool that you went through the questions with your boyfried. :)

I'm just hopping by for the book blog hop. Have a good Friday!

Anonymous said...

I've read the book. I agree with the reviewer when he says that the book is geared towards people at varied stages of relationships. There are over 2000 questions. Some of them are for casual dating or even ice breakers while others are only for couples in committed relationships. You've got to use your own reasoning for that. Every relationship is unique.

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