Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The River Between - Review


The river brought a handsome stranger to her. Would the river also take him away? From her Alabama mansion on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Lily watches the steamboats pass and dreams of falling in love with the perfect man, giving him her whole mind and spirit. But when the river gives her an irresistible steamboat captain, Lily is torn between him and her pledge to marry the wealthy man her parents have chosen for her. Torn by her love for the mysterious captain, she struggles with duty, honor and faith. Like the river's dangerous currents, her choice will change the course of her life forever. 

My Review

I am a sucker for anything historically based and i really loved the story that was told by the author. The description of the time period was really well done and i could see that the author did some research for the book. She used a lot of significant events in the period to help mesh the period with the mind set of the characters and the overall mood of the story. I also liked the romantic aspect of the story. I thought it was a true testament to love surpassing all barriers including the physical and the immaterial.

The story's underline message was about having faith even in the most difficult times. Christianity was central to the story as the main character had to constantly place her faith in God whenever she felt unsure, had unresolved matters or more importantly needed guidance. The main theme was not so much about class and relationships but rather it was a story about a young woman who had to grow up against the wishes of her parents and against societal expectations. The main character Lily, is obviously a young woman whose mindset precedes her time and she's fighting against the established status quo of women in Nineteenth Century America. The only way she could have proven her maturity was through her constant faith in God and subsequently in her love for Harrison. Having said all that, Lily was still a product of her time and i thought that only a skilled author could remind us of that. Even though Lily was forward thinking, how she viewed Emma's life really made you realise that she is first and foremost an aristocrat.

My favourite character though would have to be Foy. Though he was not prominently featured in the story, his presence  is integral to the climax as well as how the story resolves itself. Plus he was a light, funny, uncomplicated character and i connected to him more than the other characters. This is the first book in the River Series and i would love to know what becomes of him and the other characters.

None of the emotions in the story resonated with me though. At times it just felt like too much whining, too much pouting and way too much crying. Also for some reason the story did not read very well. There were times when the author would approach a cliff at the end of the paragraph and instead of breaking off and beginning a new paragraph, she continued writing.

Other than that, the story was good. If you like Historical Romance stories then you should give this story a try. 



Elie said...

Great detailed review. HR are generally not my thing, but this sounds interesting. Good for mixing it up!

Melissa said...

Good review. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Bookend Diaries said...

What a wonderful review.
Kelly Bookend Diaries

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