Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Revenge Served Cold- A Review

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the Cadence Marketing Group for review. The views expressed here are my honest opinions and were in no way influence by the publisher.

Synopsis via Amazon.com

Kathy Spence awakens in the middle of the night and finds herself in a living nightmare. Her husband has been run down and she is the primary suspect. With an eyewitness to the crime and proof that her car was the murder weapon, it appears to be an open and shut case. Terrified for her future, Kathy turns to amateur sleuth Anne Marshall for help. Believing in Kathy s innocence, Anne launches her own investigation, uncovering proof of a conspiracy that reaches from Kathy s past and threatens her own life. In a race against time, Anne must count on her close friends and even the ghost of her father to help her bring a killer to justice before it s too late.

My review
Jackie Fullerton is proving herself to be another up and coming author with her second novel Revenge Served Cold. A light murder mystery, the story placed a lot of emphasis on relationships.  It was also a bit straight forward but nonetheless enjoyable. I liked the author’s style of writing and how she layered the plot. It’s almost like she’s tempting you to read on and on. I thought that revenge and the different ways that people seek it was a notable theme in the story.
Ann Marshall was one of my favorite characters in the book. She reminded me of old time detectives like Agatha Christie or even Jessica Landry in Murder She Wrote.  Anne is a regular person who used her instincts and basic investigative skills and often times, this translated itself into great detective skills. From the onset, I was not convinced that she was the right fit for Kathy’s investigation, even though she had successfully solved a case before. However, in reading through the story you begin to see why she was a right fit for the case. The other characters were also very interesting and I thought that they supported the story well. 

What stood out the most in this story was how people never let go of their pasts. I saw this occurring a lot when Anne’s dead father came back as a ghost to help her solve the case. Additionally you saw this theme occurring in the relationships issues between Ross, Alice, Kathy and Elliot.

Of course there were a few points of the story that made me question its realism. For a ghost, Anne father became way too involved and at one point for me, he began to take on almost human characteristics.  Also there are times when the story seemed either too cliché or just too predictable. I love mysteries and I read and watch a lot of them and with this story I often found myself predicting what was going to happen next, even before the author revealed anything in the story.  Also I am a bit worried about the image that the author created about the police. They seemed really clueless in the story, making mistakes that only an amateur would. In some instances I had no faith in them to solve the case on their own

All and all, Revenge Served Cold will be a good addition to your summer read.



JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Oh, yeah, and what kind of wine goes with this book, and that cold dish Revenge?

Jennifer Perry

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like good summer reading! Hope you'll visit my review & giveaway. It's also great for the beach!

jewelknits said...

I think I'm going to have to dive into this book TONIGHT! Yours is the second very positive review I've read in a row!

It's my next book up for review, and after a series of not-so-awful but not-so-great books, I need a good, fun read!

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