Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Brides Too Many by Mona Hodgson - sneek peek


Kat and Nell Sinclair are headed west—away from the manicured lawns of Maine to the boisterous, booming mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado to start new lives for themselves as mail-order brides.

Aboard the train, romantic dreamer Nell carries a photo of her intended close to her heart and imagines an exciting and love-filled future, while her pragmatic older sister Kat resigns herself to marriage as a duty, not a delight.

But when the ladies disembark at the train depot, neither fiancĂ© Patrick Maloney or Judson Archer awaits them with open arms. The well-bred Sinclair sisters find themselves unexpectedly alone in the wild, frontier town—a place where fire threatens to reduce the buildings to rubble, the working women strut the streets, rogues will gamble for the shoes on one’s feet, and God’s grace is found amongst the most unlikely of folks.

To download and read the first chapter of this book, click here

My review

The first chapter of a book is like a 30 secs teaser. You get introduced to some (in this case most) of the main characters, vivid descriptions transports you to unfamiliar places and time, the storyline wets your appetite and then abruptly leaves you at a cliff, dangling, grasping at straws for safe ground. This is in part, the feeling that i got from reading the first chapter of Two Brides Too Many. 

The story introduces us to four sisters, whose mentalities somewhat precedes their time. There comfortable existence is shaken by changes within the family and the girls are forced to embark on an unexpected journey. In this first chapter, you almost feel sorry for the girls while at the same time wonder where they would all end up and how they would survive without each other. Unfortunately the introduction did not do much to excite me. I felt that  it was a standard introduction and in order to really see if this book was any good, i would have to read it through.  Being a history buff, i was interested to find out whether or not the author would tie in any significant events to help solidify the period in which the story was written. Sadly, there was no sign of this in either in the first chapter.

Am sure you guys would have a different opinion. Download and read the first chapter and tell me what you think.

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This book sounds interesting! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now a follower!

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