Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reading is universal duh!!!!! So why haven't you read anything yet??????

Gorsh, where does the time go???? This week was uber hectic for me in terms of school. Hence my limited posts. I had a few group work session to do with my Human Communications Class. One of them took me to a home for children in a far off village in my country (that also reminded me that i need to get out more). I'll keep the name of the home anonymous since i really should have asked permission before i place there names in any publication.

So at the home, i spoke to the older kids who were aged 13-17 and guess what most of our conversation was about????? Twilight! Most of the kids spend there time reading and one of their favorite books was the Twilight Saga. Am a fan of the series myself but the kids and i shared a love for reading and we spent hours talking about our favourite books, characters, genres, when was the best time to read and so on. And to motivate them, i told them that i recently started my own book club and book blog. Now, am not exactly sure if they have access to the internet but i sure hope that i encouraged them to do a little more with their reading. And let me tell you, we have some very opinionated, future book bloggers on our hands : ) Gorsh and they were so well spoken!

Really my time with the kids just reminded me of how functional reading is. Not just reading a text book or the newspaper but picking up a novel, feeling the pages in-between your fingers, reading every line as they jump out of the pages and into your imagination. One of the girls even told me that at times when she's feeling lonely, she reads one of her novels. I promised the girls that i would come back and drop off some of my books for them but it think that they are a bit too adult for them...he he he So am heading to my local thrift stores to buy some young adult fiction.

And let this be a lesson to non-readers, your missing out on a whole other experience. Its not just about escaping to another world but its also about boosting your vocabulary. So why haven't you read anything yet??????

Your partner in reading,


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Anonymous said...

Agreed! I love the twilight saga as well. More people should read, for leisure that is.

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