Friday, March 5, 2010

Keeping the love alive – How to maintain the momentum in your book club

Hey everyone,

To me there are two periods in a book club. The first is usually at the beginning of the month, when the members have to select a book. There is a lot of excitement (and disappointment) during this period about the genre of the book, its title and subsequently searching for our copies at the local library or book store. The second period that garners excitement is at the end of the month when we all have to get together in Google wave to discuss. So what happens in between these periods and what can us fellow book club managers do to capitalize on it? Well I was brainstorming some ideas for my own club since sadly; we are in that state of idle. Aside from doing the in-between reads, I thought that these ideas can also be useful.

1. Provide readers with a shorter time frame for completing their reads - That way, it lessens the idle time between selection and discussion and allows the members to maintain their momentum. Off course in order for this to work one would need to select a read that is below 300 pages and would be easy to complete in a short space of time. Additionally you have to ensure that readers have enough time to finish the book. In other words, provide a reasonable time frame for completion.

2. Game meet or Vocabulary building contests – This would be a great way to test and build the vocabulary of the members. This however is most suitable for face to face book clubs. Some great games are word play, apple turnover, scrabble and also bookchase. Another fun word game that we can use is word memes. I have to credit this idea to Bermudaonion who has a weekly meme called Wondrous Words Wednesdays. There she invites her reading audience to submit words that they have encountered and that are new to them.

3. Have a movie night- Invite members to get together to watch a movie adaption of a book. This is another way of increasing the reading repertoire of your members all the while providing a fun way for them to socialize and bond with each other.

4.Since my club does not subscribe to a specific genre, a great way of bonding for us can be to have a book swap. Members can bring a copy or provide the website to their favorite book and have it raffled. Whoever wins the book, the owner has to tell them what made this read so special and why they enjoyed it.

Am always open to suggestion so if you have a better idea, let me know.


bermudaonion said...

Great ideas! I especially like the movie night idea.

Bookventures said...

oh hey, thank you. Am really trying to counteract this idle time that we have : )

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