Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earthbound Exotica

Guys, let me apologize for blogging so late. I worked all day today. On the upside i was able to sneak a little reading in : ). Today I read a book of short stories called Earthbound Exotica by Tonya R. Moore. Its a compilation of 8 stories entitled:

Moonlit Mariposa
The Beast
Tightrope Cat
Down by the River
Perhaps, A Dream

To be honest, i wish that the author had developed her stories a little more. Most of them were abstract descriptions that really did not draw you into the realm that she was creating. At times i got lost in her narration and it made me feel like skipping the story. In addition the titles of these stories just didn't match. Imagine the central theme of one of the stories was a hairy demon that is trying to eat your skin but yet the title of the story is Tightrope Cat??!!!??

She does seem to be going for a Stephen King, M. Night Shyamalan effect since the genre of the short stories is Urban Fantasy. They hinged on paranormal themes and two of them ended in suspense.

I did like two of the stories though; Gatherer and Tightrope Cat. Both of them had good plots and interesting characters. The first was about a woman (possibly a psychic) who conjures the spirit of a young woman, in an attempt to help the police figure out how and why she died. The other story was about a skin eating demon who is trying to kill two sisters. It was the second story that really had me wanting to find out what happens next. There is definitely some potential in these two stories though. I could see them becoming books in the future.

In case your wondering, where i got the book. Well actually its 'Read an eBook Week' and many ebook websites are allowing visitors to download free ebooks. The book i read came from

Hopefully my post will come much earlier tomorrow. Till then have a great evening everyone.

Lesley - Your partner in reading

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