Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey everyone, i have a few announcements regarding the blog as well as the book club.

Firstly, i have decided to move the book club from wikispaces and set up a new home at Bookventures Book Club . With this site i get more leg room to explore and expand the functionality of the club. Please feel free to stop by and give your comments on how i can improve.

And speaking of the functionality of the book club, i realized that sometimes, when book bloggers review a book, we touch on issues that could be expanded further through discussion. In fact, many of us try not to give spoilers so that we won't ruin the book for others. However, what if we had a space to discuss the books that we've read, without the confines of a book club. It would be like gaining a better understanding of the book while sharing our thoughts on it.

With this in mind i created a group in my book club called Book Talk. There book bloggers like you and me (or anyone for that matter) can log on, share our opinions about the books that we've read and then listen (or rather view) what others have to say. If you're interested in the idea then follow the link to the Book Club above, join the network and head over to the group to post your views.

The idea is still in its infant stage but am hoping with additional support and networking, it can be a great tool.

On other news, as of lately i've been going through a drought in my reading. I've been reading the same book for a while now and have yet to write about it. Am hoping its just a passing phase and i can get back on track soon.

Finally, i have begun writing my column entitled Indy's Corner for a student newspaper on my campus. Am writing about books, literary news and anything in-between. So far my first article was published and you can view it here but i have yet to settle into a style of writing. That's really frustrating and perhaps is the reason why i have been in my drought. So am turning to you guys for ideas. C'mon, inspire me.

Am hoping to muster enough concentration and drive to read my latest selection and post something soon. I hope to keep you all posted as things move along.

Your partner in reading,


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