Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'You live you learn' - Our Meet and Greet ; Post mortem

Its Tuesday everyone! Just a few more days until the weekend. I hope your week started off right. To all my catholic readers, how is your fast for lent coming along? I hope it’s more productive than mine.

Last night the book club got together on Google Wave for our meet and greet. We felt it was necessary to introduce new members to the rest of the group and also to get to know each other. After all we will be sharing our opinions with each other from here on out. Plus in this business, when dealing with people you need to make them feel comfortable so that they can be open, honest and willing to share their ideas. As lead, I thought it would have been better to formulate a few questions, you know to steer the meet and greet. So I came up with questions like what expectations do you have of the club?, what are some of your concerns and whether you have any favorite authors. I also took the opportunity to expose everyone to the wiki as well as the blog. More importantly, to let the members feel like they were really a part of the club, I asked the members to give some suggestion on the discussion guidelines for the book club.

One of the complications that I encountered was getting everyone to commit to the meet and greet. The administrative team reminded the members about the event however only three people (including myself) attended. I guess it is to be expected since running a book club is not only about reading a book and discussing its outcome. It’s also about managing people’s time. In light of this I think that the team and I have to put some measures in place to encourage the members to attend all events. Am still green (in trini language it means inexperienced) when it comes to managing a book club but it’s definitely something we have to think about. As for now, am not too worried. I know that once there are at least three people, we can have meaningful dialogue.

Then i realized that there was little or no need for my preset questions. Once we got together and started discussing, conversation just flowed. Though it was necessary to highlight certain matters to the group, I thought that we really had a good time discussing our likes and dislikes when it came to books, authors, movies and others. We had a good lime (in trini language this is a gathering of friends or family. It is usually accompanied by music, alcoholic beverages, food and good conversation) and am now looking forward to our discussions on March 7th.

In the next few days, I’ll be unveiling some new features for the blog, so keep checking the blog for these updates.

Talk to you soon.

Your partner in reading,

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