Thursday, February 25, 2010

In-Between Reads

Hey everyone,

Today was a bit hectic on my end so am now catching up on my posts. Let me first apologize about the link for the story on Zane. I posted the link and even tested it myself but i was informed (by my devoted readers..thanks much guys ) that it wasn't working. I'll try my best to rectify this so please come back and check out the story again. Also am testing out some colours for the blog so you may see it change every time you pass by. Bear with me everyone, am a perfectionist at heart : )

Today's post, In-Between Reads is an initiative that i took with my book club. In the club we generally read a book, selected by a member and then discuss. However I wanted to offer something more than just a solitary read and discussion. What's that saying about variety??? The idea is to offer additional material that would expand our knowledge about reading and literature and in the long run provide us with better ideas for our discussions. So..... i decided to expose the members to the literary world.

I created an 'articles' page on the wiki and i post new articles on matters that relate to books, reading and authors/writers. Naturally i consider copyright issues and for that reason i only post the link to the website where the articles are located. So far, a few of the members have begun to access these articles and am hoping that the rest of them allocate the time to view them as well.

Non-members, are you interested in seeing the articles that i post? Well you can access the articles by visiting the book club's wiki and clicking on the 'Articles and Newsletters' link on the homepage. These pages are updated daily so keep checking back to see what's new. In the near future i hope to expand this project from articles to podcast and even videos. Lots of logistics to work out first though.

One week till our next book discussion, Carnival by Robert Antoni. Am off to spread the excitement.

Your partner in reading,


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