Saturday, February 20, 2010

hmmmm, to read or not to read

So i couldn't exactly wait a whole week to make another post. All of a sudden this blogging thing seems like alot of fun.

Last night i was thinking, don't you hate it when you begin reading a book and abruptly stop (for what ever reason you may have like lack of time). It's kinda hard for some of us to go back to that book and continue reading. In light of this, i want to challenge you guys (well with the exception of my book club members. They are getting a reprieve since most of us are trying to finish our reading for this month). Here's what i want you to do:
  1. Firstly find that book that you started reading and have yet to finish
  2. Designate some time to finally complete it
  3. And tell me all about it. Yep i want to know all about the book, the author, the themes, the plot, the characters, whether you enjoyed it. Because who knows i may even use your suggestion as a read for the club ( well when its mine turn to select a book). 

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section of the post. I look forward to reading them.

In the meantime, finish that read.

Your partner in reading,


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